Magic confessions

¡Bienvenido a este blog! Aquí podeis mandar todas las confesiones sobre Magi que queráis, siempre que respetéis los gustos de los demás (ya que no ha todos les gustan las mismas ships o personajes que a tí)
¡El ask está siempre abierto!
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Welcome to this blog! You can send all confessions about Magi that you want, but you must repect the tastes of the others (Here are lots of people that don't like the same character or ships you do)
Askbox is always open!
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[I have one…I’ll check if someone sent something xD]


Oh, I didn’t even know. Can you give me a link?

This!! :33

Hello Magi fans! How are you doing?? Don’t forget the ask is always open! send me all confessions you want! Ah, If I didn’t post your confession, it means tumblr ate it ouo;;;;;

And that’s all, thank you!

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